New Programs to PS101

Dear PS 101 Families-

As stated on our website this past weekend, due to the vaccine mandate, we had to make some changes to PS101 staffing and programs.

We are currently in the process of moving some teachers around to ensure every classroom has a well-known and experienced PS101 teacher leading instruction. If a change was made to your child’s teacher, you’ll be receiving a letter today that alerts you to the changes.

In regards to paraprofessionals, we are still working on securing substitute paraprofessionals until such time that we can place an assigned paraprofessional with each child whose IEP mandates it.

While there have been some changes, that doesn’t mean change is bad!
As a result of shifting staff around, we have been able to create a “silver lining” for our school. I am very happy to announce that we are introducing STEM and Graphic Design into the PS101 curriculum! Students who previously had Math as a cluster will now have STEM. Students who previously had Leader in Me as a cluster, will now have Graphic Design.

While we didn’t want to have to make the necessary changes, I am happy to say we created a way to maintain quality instruction at PS101 and introduce some fantastic coursework for our students 🙂


Staff Changes

Good evening PS101 families-

As I am sure you know by following the news, there is a mandate in place that all staff must be vaccinated by today Friday October 1, 2021. As is the case for every school, PS101 has staff members who have either decided not to get vaccinated at this time or have an approved exemption in place. Regardless of the reason, the city has mandated that staff who are unvaccinated at this time are no longer permitted to work in a school building and are being assigned work outside of school.

What does this mean for me and my child?

It means that we will have staff and assignment changes that may impact your child. In the event your child’s teacher or paraprofessional is being changed due to the reasons above, you will receive notification on Monday October 4, 2021. Due to high demand for educational staff, substitutes (not permanent) staff may be assigned to classrooms until such time we secure teaching staff for the year.

While I know that no one wants a change in their child’s routine, especially when it comes to school, we are working diligently to secure the best staff to work in PS101 and will continue to provide the best educational experience your child can have.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Free Tutoring for special education students (with IEPs in grade 1-12)

Greetings PS101 Families,

Please be advised of the information and opportunity below.
***Please be advised this program is run by Hunter College and is not associated with PS101, meaning we cannot assist with acquiring a tutor, etc.

Hunter College Learning Lab
Free Tutoring
for special education students (with IEPs in grade 1-12)
● One-on-one tutoring by Hunter College graduate students
● Two 75 minute sessions per week required
● Tutoring is tailored to each child’s individual needs
Carol Deere – Admission Coordinator
Hunter College Learning Lab
—>>>Go to: to get the application<<<—

Share Information about COVID-19 Vaccine Course with Families

The DOE’s Parent University invites families to attend a one-hour virtual course entitled, “COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know,” which will be held at 10:00 a.m. and at 6:00 p.m. on September 29. The course is being taught by experts from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), and includes updates about COVID-19 vaccines, as well as a live question-and-answer session. Please share the information with families as soon as possible, by backpacking home this flyer with students in your school. 

As previously shared, the DOE’s Parent University seeks to educate and empower all families from early childhood through adulthood, with free courses, resources, events, and activities. Please continue to make families in your school community aware of this resource by emailing these flyers; translated versions are available in all DOE-supported languages on the Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) family-facing webpage

Safety Issue: No Double Parking

Dear Parents/Guardians:

School safety is a shared responsibility of all members of our school community. Arrival and dismissal are crucial times of the day when all parents dropping off and picking up children from Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade need to be aware of and considerate of students walking to and from the building.

Please abide by the law and park in a legal parking space, and then walk to and from the school to pick up your child. Do not double-park your car. Double parking creates traffic and a dangerous situation for children and parents on the surrounding block(s).

It is for the safety of our children that we need to follow these rules and never put your child or another child in unnecessary harm’s way. We greatly need and appreciate your cooperation.


Gregg Korrol

Principal and our School Safety Committee

PTA General Membership / Annual Title1 Meeting AGENDA – 10/5/2021

Tuesday, 10/5/2021 @ 10:00 am via Zoom (Registration in advance required and link will be send via Remind)

  • Meeting Call to Order
  • SLT Elections (2 positions)
  • Review of Minutes / Motion to Approve
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report/Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report
  • Title 1 / SLT Update
  • Questions & Concerns Session
  • Motion to Adjourn


Oct 11            Italian Heritage Day (school closed)

Nov 2             Election Day, full remote instructional day

Nov 2             November PTA meeting

Nov 11           Veteran’s Day (school closed)

Nov 25-26     Thanksgiving Recess (school closed)

Dec 7             December PTA meeting

Dec 24-31      Winter Recess (school closed)

“Coffee with Korrol” Resumes 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians of P.S. 101,

PS101 parents are invited to have (virtual) Coffee with Principal Korrol. During this 30-45 minute meeting, you’ll meet Principal Korrol, learn about expectations for your specific grade and have a chance to ask questions.

Dates of these meetings are listed below. Please be advised that dates are subject to change.

*You must use your child’s @nycstudents ID to join the Zoom mtg.
**You must have your video turned on
Parents who do not use their child’s ID or have video on will not be admitted or will be removed.
***No recording allowed

  1. Pre-K and Kindergarten – Friday, October 15th at 9:30am
  2. Fifth Grade – Friday, October 22nd at 9:30am
  3. First Grade – Friday, October 29th at 9:30am
  4. Fourth Grade – Friday, November 5th at 9:30am
  5. Second Grade – Friday, November 19th at 9:30am
  6. Third Grade – Friday, December 3rd at 9:30am

Zoom links will be posted in your child’s Google Classroom.

We hope you are able to attend and look forward to seeing you then.


Gregg Korrol