Building Your Child’s Home Library Family Workshop

Dear PS 101 Families:

There are a few spots still open for the Family Workshop on Building Your Child’s Home Library on Saturday, January 28th at 10:15 AM!  (Please view our flyer.)

Space is limited so if you’re interested in attending the workshop with your child, please REGISTER ONLINE HERE:

As a reminder, one parent per family is required to attend with their child(ren). Please be prepared to show valid ID and proof of COVID vaccination upon entry to the building.

We hope you’ll be able to join us!

Flyer image of Building Your Child's Home library workshop

Marquis Studio Afterschool is Cancelled Today, January 24

Greetings Grade 4 and 5 Families:  

As a reminder, the Marquis Studios HIP-HOP afterschool dance program is NOT in session today. Please ensure your child is picked up at our regular 2:50 pm dismissal time from their dismissal exit.

If you have any questions, please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Bing Xing Lin at 347-563-4680 or via email

Hip-Hop afterschool resumes next Tuesday, as listed on the parent memo of dance dates.

Thank you for cooperation.


Gregg Korrol


3-K and Pre-K Applications Open January 25

Dear PS 101 Families,

Parents can begin submitting applications for their child to enroll in 3-K or pre-K for the 2023–24 school year on January 25. Families who have signed up for the admissions mailing list or have created a MySchools Account will be notified once the application is open via an email from

  • Families can apply online on, over the phone by calling (718) 935-2009, and in-person at a Family Welcome Center.
  • Families must submit their applications for 3-K and pre-K by March 10. 
  • Families can attend these upcoming elementary admissions virtual events to learn more about the 3-K and pre-K admissions applications process; sessions will be held from 6:00–7:00 p.m. on January 26, from 2:00–3:00 p.m. on February 1, and/or from 6:00–7:00 p.m. on February 15. You may share this flyer (available in all DOE languages) with families. Interpretation services are available at the events.

Please be reminded PS101 does NOT have a 3K program.


The Switch to Computer Based Testing

Dear PS101 Families,

Over the next several years, the NYS Education Department is moving all State Exams onto computers. In our case, since PS101 is a 1:1 laptop school and takes exams and works on computers regularly, this will be relatively easy for us.

As per NY State request of our technologically advanced school, our 5th Graders will be taking their State exams this year on computers.

5th Grade ONLY: Tomorrow, Jan 24th will be their first practice exam to help them to become familiar with the application (which is very similar to iReady). Our students will have several months of practice to ensure they are comfortable with the application


In Spring 2024– all 5th Grade (and 8th Grade) students will be taking their ELA, Math and Science state exams on computers.

In Spring 2025– all 4th Grade (and 7th Grade) students, in addition to 5th and 8th grade, will be taking their ELA and Math state exams on computers.

In Spring 2026– all 3rd Grade (and 6th Grade) students, in addition to 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th, will be taking their ELA and Math state exams on computers.


Can you Cook? We Need Your Help :-)

Dear P.S. 101 families,

Do you like to eat delicious food? If your answer is yes, then we have great news for you!

The Cultural Diversity team will bring the community together by creating a cookbook made by P.S. 101 families, for P.S. 101 families. This cookbook will help our community learn about the different cultures within our school through the different types of foods we eat.

To make this a success, we need your delicious recipes!
Please click on this link to submit your own recipe to be a part of 101’s cookbook!


Once completed, the cookbooks will be sold and all students and families will have the opportunity to purchase one.
BONUS: All students that submit recipes will receive Vikings Pride tickets for their participation!

**Disclaimer: Only the first 101 recipes will be used in the cookbook. However, all students who submit a recipe will receive a reward of Vikings tickets and all participants will have their name included in the book. 

For questions, please contact Ms. Aplin or Ms. Kain via email. 

Ms. Aplin- 

Ms. Kain –

Thank you for being a leader. We are so excited to read and try all of your delicious recipes! 

The PS101 Cultural Diversity Team

big apple awards

Have you nominated your favorite PS 101 Teacher?

Nominate a Teacher or Staff member for the Big Apple Award!

Dear PS 101 Families,

The Big Apple Awards are an opportunity for you to tell the NYC Dept. of Education how thankful you are for your child’s teacher or a staff member who works at PS101. The Big Apple Awards recognize and celebrate New York City teachers who make positive differences for all the students they teach. The application is quick, but the appreciation will last a lifetime!

Students, families, administrators, and community members can nominate any PS101 teacher or staff member for the Big Apple Award.

The nomination window is open until February 28, 2023.

You can nominate a teacher by:

● Submit the teacher’s name and school to the DOE All Stars website:


○ Note: sign in as a Guest – you do not need a DOE login to nominate a teacher

through the portal

● Email with the teacher’s name and school


Please support our staff and give them this honorary shout-out if you feel they deserve it!

Thank yopu,


Body Positivity from Northwell Health

Dear PS 101 Families,

Below are some tips from Northwell Health Health on positive ways to talk to your child about weight and a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll start my diet after the holidays, I really need to lose weight.” While there’s nothing wrong with adults setting achievable health goals, it’s neither appropriate nor helpful for children to hear adults talk about their struggles with dieting and weight loss. Hearing this language could lead a child or teen to engage in dangerous and restrictive eating and or exercise behaviors. Nearly one in three children or adolescents in the US today have either overweight or obesity. Many youth are bullied or develop poor self-esteem as a result. As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to avoid causing guilt or placing blame on a child or teen who may have overweight or obesity. Here are some ways to help children and teens develop healthful behaviors and body-positive attitudes:

  • Refrain from “fat talk,” fad diets and commenting or criticizing your own body shape and size.
  • Avoid talking about pounds, weight loss and the numbers on the scale; focus on healthy habits.
  • Make positive changes for the entire family; don’t single out the child with the weight issue.
  • Avoid talking about carbs, calories, fats or any single “off limits” food.
  • Offer a variety of healthful foods at regular snack and mealtimes.
  • Make family mealtimes a priority. Eating and talking together promotes good nutrition and healthy weight for kids.

Provide positive feedback on healthy lifestyle behaviors like “great snack choice” or “you are running fast today,” rather than focusing on losing a pound on the scale.

northwell logo

Parent Workshops: Special Education

Dear PS 101 Families,

Below are links to community workshops on Special Education and services.

Brooklyn Early Childhood & School Age Family Community Engagement (FACE) Center for NYC

Upcoming Workshops and Events for Families:

Understanding the IEP Process
2/8/23, Wednesday, 11:00am-1:00pm:

Learn about the fundamentals of the IEP process, including evaluations and
eligibility, the roles and responsibilities of school staff and families, the
various components of the IEP, and the transition planning process.
For families of students with disabilities.

Agency 101: Connecting Individuals with Disabilities to Adult Services
2/16/23, Thursday, 5:30pm-7:00pm:

This training will review New York State’s adult service agencies for people
with disabilities, the services they provide, and their eligibility processes.
Learn about how to connect students with disabilities to essential
post-school options and supports, the benefits of adult agency services, and
how to involve your student and IEP team in accessing services.