Information about 3K and Pre-K for September 2023

Dear future PS 101 families,

We’re excited to announce that both the 3-K and Pre-K applications will be opening later this month!  For the 2023-2024 school year, children born in 2019 will be eligible for pre-K, and children born in 2020 will be eligible for 3-K.  Before both applications open, we wanted to provide you with information.


  • PS 101 does NOT have 3K, but some of the neighboring schools do.
  • PS 101 Only has 2 Pre-K classes which means very limited seating.
  • Priority goes to families who already have a child in PS 101 (an older sibling).
  • To apply for PS 101 you must be zoned for our school.
  • PS101 does not select Pre-K students- this is done centrally by the NYCDOE and we have no influence over the process.

Stay tuned for more information coming later this month.