Texas Tragedy

Good morning PS 101 Families,

We are all horrified by the events that took place yesterday in Texas at Robb Elementary School. Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to the entire community and especially those who were directly impacted by this senseless tragedy.

As a reminder, PS 101 and all NYC schools are trained on General Response Protocols and Emergency Preparedness for various situations including lockdown drills and evacuations drills approximately 10 times per school year. No one is permitted inside the building without showing identification to our Safety officer. Additionally, we have cameras throughout the school building.

While we will all always have a level of uncertainty and concern, it is a reminder that if you see something you need to say something, whether to the school or by calling the police especially when it comes to postings on Social Media.

Today, together we send out prayers to the Uvalde Community in Texas and hope our government officials will work together to come up with solutions to prevent these senseless tragedies.


Safety Drills

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please be advised we will be holding Building Response Team drills and Evacuation Drills throughout the year. The soft-lockdown drill will teach students and staff our General Response Protocol for evacuations and lock-down drills with careful provisions made during the COVID-19 pandemic with health and safety mandates. 

During a Lock-Down Drill, students must follow teacher directions for a mock emergency in the building with adjustments aligned with COVID safety protocols. During the drill, Students will remain silent and in their seats (instead of moving to the safe corner). Teaching staff are trained to quickly retrieve any students in the hallway and lock their classroom door and wait for an ALL CLEAR announcement.

Evacuation Drills (formerly known as Fire Drills) will also be held throughout the year. As we evacuate, students are expected to follow all teacher guidance and remain socially distant.

These drills help students and staff become familiar with safety protocols so we are prepared in case of a real emergency situation. Please review lockdown procedures with your child. Thank you for your cooperation in advance to ensure a safe learning environment for all.