Dismissal Changes and Traffic- Friday February 4

Dear PS101 Parents,

As you know there was a major fire on Benson Avenue and 35th Street today. I was told by officials that no one was in that home and no one was hurt. I am also happy to say that all of our students who live on 35th Street are safe and accounted for.

I want to extend my deepest thank you to the PS 101 Staff, including administration, teachers, support staff, safety and custodians who ensured our arrival was smooth and that all our students arrived safely in the building and had a regular day of instruction. We had numerous visitors today from the Borough Safety Director, NYPD, Office of Emergency management, all commenting on how smooth everything was inside the school.

Due to the FDNY activity on Benson and 35th Street, we are making changes to dismissal for some grades and you need to be aware of traffic changes:

  • All 5th grade classes and PK1 will dismiss onto Benson Avenue and 24th Street today
  • Benson Avenue will be CLOSED between 24th Ave and 35th Street
  • 35th Street between Bath Avenue and Benson Ave May be closed
  • All other dismissal will be the same as every other day

I highly advise parents who drive, to park along Bath Avenue, and walk up to the school as there will be a lot of trucks located on Benson Avenue and on 24th Avenue.