An Answer to an Important Question

Dear PS 101 Families-

While we still have many questions, I do have an answer to a question everyone has been asking…

Will teachers be teaching LIVE when they are Remotely teaching this school year?

The answer is YES. We were told by the Dept. of Education that teachers will be teaching live everyday during remote teaching.

Additionally, there will be a daily schedule posted for parents to know which subject is being taught at what time of the day so you can ensure your child follows a schedule similar to when they are physically in the school building.

We are still awaiting details as to how much of the day will be live teaching versus students doing work. In a regular school day, a teacher teaches a lesson in front of the class and then gives students time to work on the follow-up assignment independently or in groups. After, a period of time, students return to the front of the room and review the work with the teacher, prior to continuing onto the next subject. I anticipate (but cannot confirm) that instruction will be similar remotely.

Hope this helps give you some certainty around the instruction you can expect this year.


Letter to Parents of Students with Disabilities

Greetings 101 Parents:

The DOE has issued a new letter to families outlining key updates and resources around special education. Please disseminate the letter to families of students with disabilities in your school community. The letter shares more information about the Special Education Remote Learning Plan and how related services should be delivered during remote learning. As previously messaged, it is crucial that your school communicates with families, so that they have opportunities for meaningful input and understand how their child’s special education programs and services will be provided during this period of remote learning.


Digital Classroom Daily-What you Need to Know

Greetings 101 Families,

We know this is a new challenge for many parents to balance being a care-taker, doing their own work and helping their children with school work. We appreciate you and thank you for your help during this time of transition to Digital Remote Learning.

Please be advised of the following:

  • Attendance– students must actively do work during the day PLUS fill out the attendance sheet to be logged as present for the day.
  • Teachers have classroom hours posted on their Google Classroom page. They are unavailable during certain hours of the day such as their Lunch and Preparation Period (AKA Prep period- planning time), as well as after school.
  • School work is posted throughout the day and your child should be doing the work and submitting it through Google Classroom daily.
  • Some teachers may use Zoom video conferencing to speak to your kids live on video or solely through audio. If you don’t want your child on video, make sure the video is off on your computer (quickest way to do this is put a post-it over the camera lens).
  • PS101 is still serving Grab-and-Go Breakfast and Lunch daily from 7:30am-1:30pm.
  • Cluster teachers will respond to student work on the day they are scheduled to see them. For example, if your child has Music Monday, then Ms. Bove will respond on Monday. Make sure your child signs the attendance form on the cluster page.
  • Please ensure to keep a list of websites and passwords for your children.