Lunchtime Activities

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Many students have asked if they can bring small toys such as a rubrics cube or cards to lunch. As we won’t be going outside on cold days, we will allow students to bring these items on a trial basis; meaning, we will try this out and see how it goes.

Please note that PS 101 staff will not be responsible if these items get lost or broken, or if they let someone else play with it and it breaks. It is up to you as the parent to decide if you want to allow your child to bring something in with the knowledge that it’s up to your child to be responsible for their own item. I highly recommend not sending in anything that may be of value, for example, some playing cards (ex: Pokemon cards may have value).
*Please note digital devices such as phones, video games or tables are not allowed.

Please speak with your child about this and remind them the importance of being responsible and that it’s a privilege which can be taken away if they do not respect each others property or if it interferes with student safety.



What’s For Lunch Today?

Have you ever wondered what P.S.101 will be serving your child to eat?

Did you know you can learn what your child is having for breakfast or lunch everyday in any NYC school?

This is great information for any parent, especially if there are particular foods your child doesn’t like to eat or has an allergy.


Use the following link to see the daily and monthly school food menu. There’s even an app!

School Breakfast/Lunch Menu

School Lunch App (App Store for Mac users)

School Lunch App (Google Play Story for Android users)

*Please note the Office of School Food is in charge of the menu and choices, not PS 101. Menu options may change without notice.